Video Telematics

assist in helping prevent avoidable incidents

Improves safety with advanced road-facing detection

The dual-facing camera offers the ability to monitor situations like tailgating, collision detection, unsafe cornering, harsh braking, and sudden speed increase.

How it works?

Machine Vision

Recognizes indicators of distracted drivers,

Artificial intelligence

Understands what is risky

Together they can assess situations and alert in real time.  This is done with high quality data with human validation.  

Rand Video Telematics takes a "driver first", behavior based approach to in-vehicle alerting

Empower the driver

Enables drivers to self-correct without manager intervention

Pattern based Alerts

Looks for driving patterns, samples potential risks and alerts the driver in real time.

Visual alerts

Helps the driver quickly recognise alerts types

Driver Facing Behaviors

Handheld device

Unbelted driver

Driver smoking

Food or drink

Food or drink

Forward Facing Behaviors

More features on the Rand Platform

On the Rand Platform, managers can access additional reports, receive alerts from customizable drag-and-drop safety workflows, and view live streaming from the camera.

Increases visibility for local and long-haul fleets

The right video solution can serve as an extra pair of eyes on the road. Live video streaming from dual road-facing and driver-facing cameras provides real-time insights.

Gives quick and easy insights

Rand McNally’s AI-powered camera provides valuable insights to help protect the bottom line. Sophisticated technology streamlines alerts, providing insights without requiring much time or effort.

Optimizes management time


waste your time


mean you miss critical events

Helps prevent distracted driving

Distracted driving causes nearly half a million injuries each year. The in-vehicle camera helps recognize risky driver behaviors, enabling coaching to help prevent accidents.

Protects your drivers

Whether it’s across the country or across town, accidents can happen. When they do, footage from the road-facing camera can help exonerate your drivers and safeguard your company.

Simple installation

Getting started with the camera is simple – just a quick 10-minute installation process with multiple options to connect to power.

Configure for your fleet needs

Turn off driver-facing recording but continue to use the device as an in-cab sensor; solve privacy concerns while still protecting your fleet.

Advanced Technology

Innovative AI alerts drivers about distracted behaviors, helping them adopt better driving habits

Video Evidence

Dual-facing cameras offer real-event footage to get an accurate picture of the situation

Scalable Technology

Designed to grow with any size fleet, the camera and portal are configurable to meet needs today, and in the future

Quick Install

The user-friendly setup and interface mean fleets and drivers will be up and running in minutes


No application or special software is needed


The all-inclusive API allows for easy data retrieval from the cloud

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Get a personalised quote

Please take a moment to fill out this quick questionnaire and we will get in touch to discuss how we can help you.