Manage your Electric Vehicles with real time data

With Rand’s Platform collect, analyse and monetize your EV fleet data. 

Sustainable Fleet Management is here

Electric vehicles are the automotive industries fastest growing sector. You can optimize your adoption of EVs and rapidly deploy your own intelligent Connected Car offering with Rand McNally's eMobility Platform.

Real time data for Electric Vehicles has arrived.

Rapid Deployment with Plug and Play Hardware

Instantly grab market share and boost your revenue for large scale connected car services with our sophisticated plug and play hardware built from customer feedback.

Customisable eMobility

We know every business is different and we pride ourselves on our flexibility. As you adopt electric vehicles into your fleet, our platform grows and evolves with your requirements.

White Label eMobility Platform

Make it your own. We help you go to market within weeks with your own Connected Fleet Solution for Electric Vehicles. Show your customers that you are future ready.

EV Charging status

Don't wait for reporting. See your charging station and vehicle data in real time. Enabling you to manage and optimize your fleet of electric vehicles.

Charging station data​

Your charging stations are just as important as your fleet. Our platform visualizes each and every charging station by location so you can see the their current and historical usage. Know which vehicles were charged, where and when and optimize your network accordingly. ​

Customise EV processes

Our unique, drag and drop, integrated workflow system allows for endless customisations of EV Data streams. In just a few quick steps you can build workflows to trigger any system notification. Vehicle stationary for too long?

advanced OBDII telematic SENSORS

Easy to connect with plug-n-play devices

Our plug and play OBDII devices allow you to get EV parameters in one platform. Get access to custom parameters, analyse charging status, engine performance and OEM specific OBD data

Real-time data collection from EVs

With millions of real time data points available, you will always know what is happening with your fleet. We partner with you to ensure you have all the information you need to optimize your operations.

Real-time charging status

See where and when you vehicles are being charged on a very simple, easy to use dashboard. Once you are able to understand what is happening with your fleet you are able to optimize and monetize faster.

OCPI data integration

We we have fully integrated with the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) whose ultimate goal it is to allow any EV driver to charge at any charging station in the world. We support them in their goal to simplify, standardize and harmonize the use of Electric Vehicles.

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Get a personalised quote

Please take a moment to fill out this quick questionnaire and we will get in touch to discuss how we can help you.